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Neurolink Testimonial - Improvement in School

Hi Dr. Braswell,

Thought I would share this. Since treatment with you Alex's (my youngest) teacher called me aside today and told me that he had really improved in class. His math and thinking skills were really coming together. She has noticed a big improvement. The day after his NIS treatment he picked up one of the Dick and Jane books we have at home and started reading it to me. Which he has never done before! He spent the holidays reading over and over again to his grandparents. This all started happening for him after his NIS treatment with you. Very impressive. I'll keep you posted.

Angie Field, Georgia

Chiropractic Testimonial - Arm pain


For over five years my right arm has had pain. When I would move my arm in different positions, especially at night, it would become aggravated. After one treatment I could tell the pain was gone. I remained pain free until I lifted some heavy packages and that caused the pain to return, however it was much less. Another treatment fixed me right up! Thank you.

Rhonwyn Kendrick

PNT Testimonial - Neck & Low Back pain

For the past several years I have had excessive neck and lower back pain. I was limiting how long I could perform daily tasks and I always feared certain activities because I was scared the pain would become worse.

After you learned the Pain Neutralization Technique and worked on me, the pain was 85-90% gone IMMEDIATELY!! I have been performing tasks the last few days as I did years ago. I have not been afraid of pushing the limits as I did before.

I love it! This is the best treatment I have had in years. It has done more to relieve my pain than the cortisone shots I had been getting. I am amazed! Its great!

Keep up the good work Dr. Braswell!

Anne Reis

Chiropractic Testimonial - Low back & leg pain


I have suffered with back and leg pain for the last 3 years. I spent a lot of time and money trying to figure out how to feel well again. I tried my family doctor and he prescribed lots of pain killers, and steroids and physical therapy. I would feel better for a while then a few months down the road I would have to start the whole process over again.

A friend of mine talked me into seeing Dr. Gower, a neurosurgeon. Dr. Gower ordered an MRI and then sent me to Dr. Braswell. Praise God!!

When I met Dr. Braswell I had gained 22 pounds and was in so much pain that I thought a back surgery was in my immediate future. Dr. Braswell took the time to understand what was going on. Through a series of adjustments and lots of prayer I am completely pain free. I am careful with my back and continue my monthly adjustments.

I am 35 pounds lighter and so thankful my journey ended here with Dr. Braswell. I am finally living again! Thank you so much for who you are Dr. Braswell. You are blessed to be a blessing!

Anna Brooks

Chiropractic Testimonial - Low back & leg pain


I was suffering from terrible pains in my buttocks, hips and legs. I could barely walk or stand and could hardly sleep. The orthopedic put me on pain killers and informed me I had no cartilage at L4 and that was causing the nerve to be pinched. He also said I would probably need surgery.

I had 3 epidurals on my spine but it only worked for 2 weeks each time. I was desperate from the pain and decided to try Dr. Braswell. After the first few treatments I started feeling better. We are almost finished with my treatment plan that he recommended and I am pain free and drug free!! Thank you.

Magaly Blanca

Chiropractic Testimonial - Neck pain


I have lived with continuous neck and back pain since a car wreck in 1971. Other doctors refused to work on my neck and the Neurosurgeon recommended surgery when it got too painful. I could get pain relief only from seriously painful physical therapy and pain killers.

Through the care of Dr. Braswell and his mild adjustments my pain is relieved. I continue to come for once per month maintenance adjustments to keep pain free and free from surgery.

Michael Gardner

Chiropractic Testimonial - Buttock & leg pain


I could not lie down at night to sleep due to the pain down my right leg. The pain was terrible. After Dr. Braswell's gentle treatments I can now lie down without pain. I can even turn over in bed and sleep without taking medication. The pain in my right side has decreased to practically zero. Its wonderful!!

Barbara Morgan

Chiropractic Testimonial - Low back pain


I had lower back pain for the past 10 years. I have had cortisone injections, pain killers that affected my kidneys and numerous other treatments with minimal results.

Some of my friends recommended Dr. Braswell and when I came to see him I was walking like a twisted pretzel. I could not lift anything. I could not walk or stand for any length of time.

After 4 weeks of treatments with Dr. Braswell I am helping my husband clean out our attic! The difference has been wonderful. Not all my pain is gone, but now it is down to a 0-1 instead of a 7-8. Thanks so much.

Diane Bellew